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Superlative homelift for your home (ลิฟต์บ้านไม่มีห้องเครื่อง)


About us
LiftingItalia is a company that employs professionals with very long experience in the vertical transport sector.
It specializes in the design and production of homelifts to overcome height differences of up to 20 meters.
Our homelifts are sold in 50 countries worldwide!

Made in Italy
What distinguishes us and makes us unique in the vertical mobility industry is the Italian style, combined with a focus on quality that comes from our history as a skilled craft company. Liftingltalia homelifts are functional and comfortable and allow you to move easily, in perfect autonomy and with the class that characterizes the Italian style.

LiftingItalia and AreaLift
The Group consists of two sister companies working in perfect synergy, completing each other.
LiftingItalia, the parent company founded in 2003, today specializes in the production of top-of-the-range homelifts. AreaLift, founded in 2006, specializes in accessibility and vertical mobility.

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Elegance and style

IconLift is a mini lift featuring elegant and refined design.
With a unique style, it adapts to every context, either classic or modern, helping to enhance every environment.

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Car operation panel - COP

Full height column with operation panel in back painted glass.
Standard configuration:
- Mechanical or touch push buttons
- Overload
- Alarm button
- Stop switch
- Emergency light
- Auto dialer

Ceiling and lighting

Continuous strip LED lighting between ceiling and wall.
Ceiling finish: same as wall finish in HPL laminate as catalogue RAL.
Touch push buttons (available for extra European countries).

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Product Specification

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